November 1, 2015

The Chameleon’s Tale


Author: Andrea Bramhall

Genre: Romance

Published by: Bold Strokes Books

August, 2015; 288 pages

ISBN: 9781626393639, Softcover

I’m not usually a fan of graphic torture scenes. However, something about Andrea Bramhall’s stories compel me overcome my distaste for these types of passages because the stories she writes are so much more than the distasteful portions portrayed.


This time, Bramhall’s given us The Chameleon’s Tale, about of Imogen and Amahle, best friends from childhood, living on Imogen’s father’s South African vineyard, and eventually separated by tragic circumstances that leave Imogen with bitterness on her tongue and a desire never to return to her childhood home again. Everything changes, though, when Imogen’s father dies and she is forced to return to settle his affairs. In an intricate and convoluted plot, she quickly finds herself embroiled in political intrigue with which she thinks her only connection is her attraction to Minister Amahle Nkosi, an attraction she finds impossible to deny. Amahle is no stranger political scheming and manipulations, resulting in a personal history that makes her reluctant to give in to her feelings for Imogen.


As these two soulmates struggle with their individual issues, devastating events begin to occur all around them, threatening to destroy Amalhe—and any potential these two women might have to find happiness. This is a tale of post-Mandelan political corruption and chicanery with an underlying and timeless tale of love that cannot be suppressed or denied. It is another spell-binding, flawlessly written tale from Andrea Bramhall.

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T-Minus Two


Author: KG MacGregor

Genre: Romance

Published by: Bella Books

May, 2015; 240 pages

ISBN: 9781594934520, Softcover

Not your traditional “gone to Mars” story, but one about “trying to get there.” In T-Minus Two, participants must compete for place on a ship bound for the red planet into the future and from which those selected will never return. The tale has twists, turns, intrigue, and an unexpected romance.

Follow Mila Todorov, a twenty-something, brilliant engineer, and seasoned NASA astronaut, Jancey Beaumont, as they negotiate the challenges of a lifetime. The main characters are instantly likeable, even the aloof, and older Major Beaumont. The amusing, sometimes annoying, and always talkative, Andi, Mila’s initial partner in the first rounds of testing, is both exasperating and a comic relief in the tense situations in which the competitors find themselves. The nasty characters are suspect and very unlikeable when things start to go wrong. Suspicions run rampant as MacGregor gives us a well devised tale from a refreshingly different perspective.


As Todorov and Beaumont negotiate dangerous and difficult testing to prove themselves worthy of selection for the heroic journey to Mars, attraction and tension between the two main characters drives page-turning, as does the race to succeed. Politics and intrigue abound as teams of would-be Martians compete for seats on a rocket ride of their lives


 MacGregor has given us an extremely enjoyable read with a creative futuristic theme. Technical details are written in easy-to-understand terms that never distract from the story line. This one is flawlessly written and edited. This believable tale, filled with tension, intrigue, and the blooming of an unlikely romance, should appeal to both Sci-Fi aficionados and classical romance lovers alike.



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