March 28, 2015



The Right Thing Easy


Author: Laina Villeneuve

Genre: Romance

Published by Bella Books

February, 2015;  272 pages

ISBN: 9781594934353, Softcover

ISBN: 9781594934353e, eBook


Dani Blazer has left behind a life of rodeo barrel racing championships and dreams of having a family when she packs up her two horses and heads to the remote town of Quincy, CA to start a new life teaching in the local college.  Her audience is tough and her unbroken younger horse is tougher, but she’s determined that they can all learn.


Hope Fielding is a woman with a secret and lots of inner conflict.  Raised Mormon, she’s a woman who struggles to keep at bay suitors her father brings home to meet her while battling her own inner conflicts about religion, family, and who she really is.


When Dani and Hope meet, they are instantly attracted to each other, but their relationship is tentative and the ride is much like being on Dani’s horse named Crazy Eights.  If the women can’t work through their issues, there may never be a relationship and any hope Dani has of family will be dashed again.  And when Dani’s ex-girlfriend shows up, it throws another hobble on the horse that is their lives, allowing old and new questions to rise to the surface, causing enough conflict to cripple any hope of a future between Dani and Hope.


The Right Thing Easy is a bittersweet story.  Villeneuve has given us moments of absolute loveliness mixed with angst and sadness.  The characters are vividly portrayed with all their strengths and weaknesses.  The differences between the two main characters create a tension in the story that remains until the last possible moment when the final decision is made.  This well written tale is sure to delight romance enthusiasts with its melodic prose as well as with its realistic portrayal of two people with a destiny that cannot be denied.


Anna Furtado
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Girls in Ice Houses


Author: Linda Morganstein

Genre:  Lesbian Fiction

Published by Regal Crest Enterprises

March, 2015;  222 pages

ISBN: 9781619292222, Softcover

ISBN: 9781619292215e, eBook


Maxie Wolfe isn’t the most ethical or the most compassionate person on the planet, but her stint as a paparazzo is somewhat successful, albeit dependent on being at the right place at the right time. When Maxie ends up in an anger management class after a physical encounter with sports rep Fisher Jacobs, the two unlikely companions embark on a quirky misadventure that takes them to Minnesota and embeds them with Fisher’s family. While there, Maxie learns things about the group, exposing their façade as the perfect family. However, one thing is true about the Jacobs’ horde: they are an accepting lot; even embracing Maxie into the family she’s not sure she wants to be a part of.


As the story evolves and Maxie’s odd and painful childhood is revealed, she’s forced to face the most difficult parts and to overcome their influence.  But where will this take the Maxie who has always seemed superficial and unable to express feelings?


The title is a clever twist on the old saying "[people] in glass houses.…” Morganstein writes using clever turns of phrases, using an irreverent style that smacks of an old-fashioned “gumshoe” novel.  However, the only detective work here is in finding the skeletons in both Fisher and Maxie’s family closets, and ultimately, for Maxie, the enigma, to figure out what she truly wants in life.


Minor editing flaws aside, with declarations of love only as possibilities, the crafty, distinct voice gets us into Maxie’s psyche, inviting us to watch her grow into someone who might actually start to find some healing, fulfillment and—dare I say it—love in her life. For something clever and yet, oh, so different, Girls in Ice Houses won’t disappoint.




































































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