February 22. 2015

No Thru Road

By Linda M. Vogt

Lesbian Mystery

Published by Regal Crest Enterprises

January, 2015;  246 pages

ISBN: 9781619292123, Softcover

ISBN: 9781619292116e, eBook


Journalist Riley Logan is on British Columbia’s Galiano Island with best friend, Marie Wells to settle her Aunt Joan’s affairs. It turns out it’s just not that easy. First Riley is attracted to the mysterious Kit who disappears after the owner of the island kayak school is killed. Then Riley discovers her aunt was a good friend to someone involved a tragic 50-year old mystery. The tension on the island intensifies as people take sides over the development of a beautiful ridge while the mystery gets more and more complicated. The suspect list grows and Riley can’t help but get in deeper and deeper. When Riley’s sidekick Marie disappears, all hell breaks loose.


This is a complex and interesting tale with Riley and friend Marie as endearing characters. The story may have benefited from a heavier editing hand to eliminate a tendency to tell us, rather than show the characters experiencing events by using passive voice. There are also details that fail to line up in several cases; however, the potential for Vogt to weave an absorbing mystery is evident and this is a good initial effort for a first time author. Vogt is worth watching.


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Blue Hydrangeas - eBook

Blue Hydrangeas

By JJ Wallingford


Published by Bella Books

November 2014;  216 pages

ISBN: 9781594934209, Softcover

ISBN: 9781594934209e, eBook


What’s a girl to do when she’s summarily dismissed from the love of one’s life?  For Devan Scott, it’s returning to her roots in a new city in Washington State, to a place she’s never lived.  She quickly surrounds herself with new friends—and inadvertently, bags and bags of trouble.  Not just from the trials of too much fruit to pick from the new girlfriend tree—there’s also her new landlady’s strange and angry ex-husband to contend with.


The title of the story, Blue Hydrangeas, is symbolic of the dreams (literal and figurative) that Devan has, and it turns out she’s not the only “dreamer” in the tale.  Moving to Vancouver and quickly forming a circle of friends makes for a story that is both interesting and fraught with page-turning tension.  Well written and well edited, Blue Hydrangeas will keep the reader wondering what choices Devan will finally make in her life and whether or not they will be the right ones.


Skillful first person narrative doesn’t make this story feel one-sided at all.  Characters are fleshed out to make us want to know more about them as Devan herself gets to know them.  From the tentative and frightened Corin, to her likeable, affable brother, Matt, and all his friends people this story to keep it interesting.  In the end, though, this is truly Devan’s story to tell, and although she says she doesn’t want to “settle” into a relationship again, her inner musings are filled with trying to find the contentment of the “blue hydrangea” dream.  Whether or not everything will be resolved in everyone’s lives is the question, and this book is a fine first offering that makes us hope for more from this new author.




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